Empowering Every Person
Our Global Commitment

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Our Mission

We fund education and fight poverty through direct contributions to individuals around the world.

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We believe in the effectiveness of a Universal Basic Income (“UBI”).  Our authenticated platform for non-profit cash aid distribution will soon scale globally.  Our funds recipients are among the most financially disadvantaged populations across the world.

We plan to incentivize our donations to motivate people to improve their local environments, even by what may be seen as small steps from a Global North point of view.

Join us in giving in a globally inspired, bottom-up manner bypassing ineffective and potentially wasteful “middle-men solutions.”

The EinStrong App lets donors transfer money directly to impoverished and otherwise marginalized people around the world

Direct giving to disadvantaged people using cutting-edge technology

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Our Method

Our distribution of cash aid is done through our proprietary, groundbreaking ESi App which integrates biometric authentication to enable unique document-less identification of each individual recipient.  This results in low risk of waste and fraud.  We believe in the full authentication of individual recipients, the transparent distribution of cash aid, and global scale in distribution of funds.  Donors using our app will be able to verify actual recipients. No other grant-giving organizations do so.

We aim to leverage existing technologies, policies, people, connections, data and best practice trends to establish a $4 billion corpus global impact fund by 2027 with ramp-up of mission-driven payouts along the way. We started with funds from a key anonymous lead philanthropist and are expanding rapidly.

See pictures of our first few days of donation activity here

See a video of our first day on the ground in Cambodia here

Our Beliefs

We allow donors to redistribute some of their wealth across and within borders. Our giving is based on the notion of a Universal Basic Income (“UBI”). Much wealth has been generated in developed nations at a huge historical and ongoing cost to people in developing nations. Even such nations themselves have suffered from extraction of value from their lands, favoring people in other nations. We seek to redistribute some of this wealth for reasons of equity and fairness.

The world is truly an interconnected unity.  We can all do something to help our fellow human beings who were not as fortunate as us in life. 

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