Universal Basic Income (“UBI”)
for Poverty Alleviation

EinStrong Makes A Difference to Poverty

The world is marked by extreme differences between the rich and the poor. The developed world still extracts value from nations whose disadvantaged people – especially women and girls – continue to struggle to catch up. For example,

  • In 2023, almost 700 million people worldwide live below the poverty line – earning less than $2.15 per day.
  • One of six children lives in extreme poverty.
  • In 2021, 53% of the world’s population – 4.1 billion people – did not benefit from any form of social protection.

Donations to individuals with no strings attached is a type of wealth redistribution which is often called a “Universal Basic Income” or “UBI.” This has many recognized advantages. For instance,

  • It is a matter of simple fairness and equity given the world’s income differences.
  • It can, depending on the amounts given, help reduce poverty
  • It will infuse much-needed cash to economies in need from wealthy economies
  • It can help individuals buy better food, other life necessities, and school supplies
  • It may help reduce necessity-driven crime
  • It helps eliminate the need for government assistance
  • It helps people obtain better self-esteem and better mental health
  • It does not lead to wasteful, needless spending

While we trust people to best know how to spend the money received, we use cutting-edge and thoroughly tested technology to avoid fraud.

Homeless Housing [UBI]

We also donate tiny houses to cities and people in Southern California. Every human being deserves a safe, private, and dignified home. This benefits local communities too.


Education is key to personal and societal advancement. The problem is still significant. For example,

  • Approximately 264 million children and youths around the world are not attending school.
  • Global poverty could be cut by 55% if all children completed secondary education.
  • Around the world, roughly 130 million primary and secondary school-age girls are out of school.
  • There are still 773 million people in the world today who cannot read. Most of them are women.
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To help children attend school while living in safe housing, we donate to two organizations in Nepal who support EinStrong’s value of transferring 100% of donations to people on the ground:

sabal sath nepal

Sabal Sath Nepal:

The EinStrong Foundation currently supports about 72 students in the Kathmandu Valley ranging from primary school to university.

Sabal Sath also offers the following:

  • Training courses for women to teach them sewing, crochet and craft making skills
  • Interpersonal and leadership development.
  • Teacher development training
  • Career advice courses for students entering college and university

Mitrata Nepal:

The Mitrata Boarding Hostel is the home of 35 girls who are given the opportunity to go to school while living at a safe place.

Mitrata’s main aim is to help disadvantaged children and their families in Nepal. We try to do this by providing free board and lodgings at the boarding hostel for girls who show a desire and determination to gain an education but, for reasons of locality or financial hardship, find it difficult to attend school.

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